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History to the Establishment of TYEGD

Five graduates namely, Benjamin Kadikilo, Christian Mchopa, Hellen Kissa, Bernardo Bulugu, and Fredrick Semainda established TYEGD. The establishment of the organization was due to Nyamburi Marwa’s incident based on her real-life experience.

Nyamburi Marwa was a Tanzanian girl who graduated in social work from Makelele University in Uganda in 2013. Shortly after completing her higher education, she was able to return home and employ herself in handicraft activities. For the time she was far away from home country, she was less involved and unable to participate in various customs and traditions that were practiced by their tribe.

When the daughter returned home, she observed some practices which were unfair and against human rights, particularly to women including the issues of early marriages and decision making. Bad enough, her parents abducted her and forced her to have female genital mutilation (FGM) without her consent. The act that hurt her so much that she had to flee her home to Dar es Salaam to start new life.

Cumulatively TYEGD has reached more than 15,500 farmers through African Cassava Agronomy Initiative (ACAI) project with the use of digital literacy learning materials and bundling services for improving agricultural production and productivity

As soon as she arrived in the city, she started volunteering at a social institution known as the Tanzania Gender Network Program (TGNP) where she met other gender experts (Benjamin Kadikilo, Hellen Kissa, Bernardo Bulugu, Christian Mchopa, and Fredrick Semainda).

Not enough, she decided to go further to the leading psychologist of the Solution-In organization known as Hellen Kissa. She shared everything in detail, which helped Nyamburi to be mentally healthy as well as to relieve the stress she was experiencing permanently.

While in her workplace, she succeeded in forming various groups in the dispersed society and providing more education to women who were facing various challenges brought by their traditions and customs. Due to the formation of educational groups, and the extra work she devoted, she started seeing changes in some families.

As a result of her efforts in the office and in the community, she was also able to obtain permanent employment and be appointed as an organization project officer. Her efforts touched some of the staff and some of them decided to collaborate with her to achieve a well-recognized women’s role in society.

In 2015, Nyamburi managed to find a life partner, and soon after she became pregnant. The situation led her to become very weak and when it came time to give birth, she went to the nearest hospital and got immediate care she was then diagnosed with severe anemia that led to her death. Her death deeply affected her close working mates, later they decided to do something for the community and set up an organization known as the Tanzania Youth Espouse for Gender and Development (TYEGD) as a remembrance of Nyamburi’s efforts, which will help to educate the community at large and ensure young people get justice. It was only in 2017 that they successfully registered the organization and continued social activities to this day.

Tanzania Youth Espouse for Gender and Development (TYEGD)
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